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About Us

Advantages of using the centre..

First, we provide a safe and controlled environment for semen collection with a team of trained staff.

Second, collecting and assessment of semen quality, and freezing on site offers the chance of freezing only the highest quality of semen.

Thirdly, because your stallion is away from his normal surroundings, he is unlikely to associate semen collection with life at home and should return to his normal routine quickly when you collect him.

Stallion semen collection is carried out at the DEFRA approved collection centre in Whitchurch, Shropshire, which can collect for UK or worldwide markets. The centre boasts the latest technology, which is admired around the world, as well as an enviable wealth of experience and resources.

About the Centre

The collection centre is divided into 3 separate colour coded quarantine units, and can take up to 38 stallions at any one time.

All stallions arriving at the centre have to complete a pre-entry health check before arriving. This is essential to ensure that the semen is disease free for the protection of all horses visiting the unit.

Adjacent to the quarantine unit are a number of spacious grass paddocks in which the stallions can be turned out individually for part of the day. Four 8-foot high fenced paddocks are available for even the most ambitious of stallions.

The are CCTV cameras throughout the centre including one in each stable. Stallion owners can normally view their own stallion via the Internet, however this service is temporarily unavailable due to internal problems relating to the Internet speed and connection.

Horse Welfare

Physical fitness can be of paramount importance to the competition stallion. In addition to turnout, there is a horse walker, a round pen and a 60x30m outdoor school for lunging and riding including a selection of show jumps.

Welfare of the stallions is our number one priority, and you can rest assured that your horse will be well looked after and closely supervised for the duration of his stay.

We have the ability to weigh all stallions and monitor any changes in weight.

Semen collection is carried out in the safe environment of the collection area. The floor is rubberised, making it safe for both the stallions and handlers.

In addition to a dummy, there are also a number of teaser mares available, which have been specially selected for their placid temperament and quiet nature.