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Stallion AI Services has some of the most modern and advanced facilities in Europe.

Our dedicated stallion yards comply with all current quarantine requirements and we are authorised to freeze semen for worldwide distribution.


The collection centre is divided into 3 separate colour coded quarantine units, to comply with the DEFRA export regulations. This means that we can freeze your stallions semen for Worldwide export. The centre can house up to 28 stallions at any one time.

Each stallion is housed in a spacious and well ventilated stallion barn and the majority of the stables have both interior and exterior windows, so your stallion will be able to look out across the centre.  All stables are bedded down with high quality dust extracted shavings.

All stallions arriving at the centre have to complete a pre-entry health check before arriving. This is essential to ensure that the semen is disease free for the protection of all horses visiting the unit.


On arrival to the centre each stallion is issued with two collection coats, one for your stallions’ handler and one for the semen collector.  He will also be provided with his own head collar, rope, bandages, boots and grooming kit for his stay to enable us to maintain a good quarantine level across the centre.






Adjacent to the quarantine unit are a number of spacious grass paddocks in which the stallions can be turned out individually for part of the day. Four 8-foot high fenced paddocks are available for even the most ambitious of stallions.

We do encourage owners to allow their stallions to be turned out during their stay if possible, as a happy stallion more often than not equals happy semen!

We provide all stallions with full turnout boots if required and all of our paddocks are fitted with CCTV cameras so we can keep a close eye on them even at play time.

Alternatively, if you would rather your stallion stay in during his time here, he can be exercised daily on our horse walker and/or be ridden or lunged in our outdoor school.

Horse Walker

A 54ft diameter horse walker with rubberised floors and walls is available to maintain the fitness and condition of competing stallions.

Stallions can use the horse walker daily for periods agreed with the owner in advance, there is no extra charge for this service.

We provide the stallions with full exercise boots as required and the horse walker is fitted with CCTV so stallions can be monitored at all times.

The Laboratory

Our laboratory is the most advanced semen processing laboratory in the UK and is equipped with the most up to date equipment for processing, freezing and evaluating equine semen.

Assessment of your stallion’s semen quality in the UK’s leading equine semen laboratory ensures that only the highest quality semen is frozen and stored.

We specialise in freezing semen from sub-fertile stallions and continually push the scientific boundaries surrounding the freezing of equine semen. We invest heavily in carrying out research to maintain our position as number one in our field.


There are CCTV cameras throughout the entire centre including one in each stable.

Stallion owners can view their own stallion on a private camera via the Internet from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, this system also works on the Iphone.

Cameras can also be made available for public viewing at your request.

Why not view our live yard cam now on the STALCAM page to see what’s going on!

Weigh Bridge

Stallions are weighed three times per week during their stay with us to closely moniter any changes in weight. This enables us to alter feeding and exersize regimes accordingly and return your stallion home in tip top shape.


The Olympic weighbridge has been developed 25% wider than other standard models with complete aluminium construction + high quality “non-slip” green rubber flooring.  The Green rubber has been proven to be more inviting to the horse.  It is fitted with Foamex lined sides internally, so as to reduce the noise when a shod horse hits the sides with its shoe.  The width and other features have been specifically designed to make this model the most suitable weighbridge on the market for weighing nervous, excitable or young horses.


This top of the range weigh bridge is fitted with the XR3000 Bluetooth read-out unit.  This unit sends your stallion’s weight by Bluetooth to our internal computer system where his weight is monitored and a permanent record is kept.


Collection Area

Our semen collection area is spacious and light and has a fully ruberised floor. A stable situated at the head of the Dummy houses one of our five teaser mares, this provides a safe environment for ‘teasing’ the stallion for semen collection.

We provide a safe and controlled environment for semen collection with a team of highly trained staff.




Nitrogen Store


At Stallion AI Services we offer the UK’s leading equine frozen semen storage and distribution service.  We are a DEFRA approved EU and Worldwide semen storage facility and currently store over 40,000 doses of frozen semen with a fleet of over 50 dry shipping containers.

We offer an efficient and hassle free shipping service, whether it be within the UK or to the other side of the world.  In the 2012 breeding season alone we sent out over 300 frozen semen consignments within the UK and exported over 1100 doses to 18 worldwide countries.

The storage and distribution centre operates 7 days a week to ensure that your frozen semen delivery reaches your mare at the right time.



Teaser Mares


At Stallion AI Services we have five teaser mares of various sizes to suit most stallions.  Although we do aim to collect semen from most stallions of the “Dummy Mare” or “Phantom”, it is still very useful to have a live, oestrous mare to tease and arouse the stallion.

All stallions need to be trained to use the “Dummy Mare” or “Phantom”, and this usually involves collecting the semen from the teaser mare to begin with.



Our mares have been specifically selected for their placid natures and good temperaments and are well trained and amenable to the most inexperienced and over-excitable stallions.

Three of our mares have been ovariectomized so remain in season, making it possible to collect from your stallion all year round.

(Picture from left to right) – Speedy, Katie, Sheila, Charity and Penny



At Stallion AI Services we buy only the best quality hay and haylage for your stallion, each year we send our forage of for nutritional analysis to ensure that we are using only the best quality products.

Forage can be fed dry, soaked or steamed in our Haygain HG 600 forage steamer.

Steaming hot forage created by Haygain is scientifically proven to effectively eliminate respirable dust, kills mould/mould spores and bacteria, helping maintain a healthy respiratory system to enhance performance. Haygain’s patented steaming technology enables us to control the quality of your stallion ‘shay or haylage whilst improving palatability.

For more information on HAYGAIN hay steamers visit www.haygain.co.uk

Hard Feed

At Stallion AI Services your stallion’s hard feed is part of your livery package and we use only the highest quality products from Spillers and NAF to keep your stallion in perfect condition.

Spillers were established in 1958 and for over 50 years, they have continued to lead research, innovation and development in equine nutrition and feeding. They are passionate to help benefit the lives of your stallion, whether competitive performance is the goal or simply enjoying the pleasures that horses bring, their expertise ensures that you can provide the best nutrition for your stallion.

As horse owners themselves, they are totally committed to research that will make a difference to your stallion’s health and happiness today. Through their continued work with WALTHAM they collaborate with vets and nutritionists throughout the world to improve their knowledge of how nutrition can affect your horse’s health, behaviour, welfare and performance. This work places them in a unique position to provide the best nutrition for your stallions today.

We work closely with Spillers, arranging regular visits from their equine nutritionist to ensure that our resident stallion are receiving exactly the right diet for their individual needs, as well as carrying out our forage analysis.