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Stallion Supplement

NAF Five Star Fertility for Stallions £59.99 + Free UK delivery


1.92Kg – 30 days supply* – £59.99 Free UK delivery

10Kg – 156 days supply* – £265.00 Free UK delivery

*Based on standard maintenance feeding rate

To order call 01948 666295 or email lab@stallionai.com

Product Description

Stallion AI Services is proud to have independently trialled Fertility For Stallions, formulated to support breeding stallions throughout their stud duties. With the global demand for chilled and frozen semen there is considerable pressure put on semen quality to make the best of each collection. While live coverings are still popular throughout the breeding season, the stallion must be fit and well-nourished in order to be prepared for multiple coverings each season. Using a unique formulation of ingredients NAF have been able to synergistically support stallions by feeding advanced nutraceutical Five Star Fertility for Stallions, enriched with essential nutrients and phytochemicals. Enabling successful shipping of quality frozen semen to their required destinations and supporting all stallions throughout each covering and collection.

Fertility focused ingredients work together to harness their natural properties targeting sperm health, libido and sperm quality. Essential vitamins and minerals target sperm production and development while maintaining testosterone levels.

Working stallions also have to maintain condition which is why there are essential pre and pro biotics to help support nutrient uptake and absorption, maximising their dietary intake to support their performance.

Feed 4-6 weeks prior to the stud season and throughout to maintain and develop fertility in hard working stallions, especially when fertility limiting behaviour is seen or when previous seasons have resulted in poor performance.


Fertility for Stallions has, over the last four years, undergone extensive field trials with some of the country’s leading stallion yards. Those trials have ensured the product is easy to feed and palatable to even the fussiest stallions, as well as being effective in supporting health, virility and semen quality. Feedback has been based on both laboratory results on semen characteristics, and observations of stallion behaviour and condition.

The trialists all agreed that they noticed a positive difference in their stallions, including a significant improvement in sperm analysis and the horse’s general condition. To trial a product is one thing, but to commit to its long term use means you know you saw a real improvement. We’re pleased to report that all of the trialists confirmed they will be keeping their stallions on Fertility for Stallions for the future seasons.


After witnessing the results first hand, we recommend Fertility for Stallions for all stallions as a matter of course.’

Tullis Matson. Founder & Managing Director, Stallion A.I. Services.


On our older stallions, the semen quality is the best we’ve seen in years’

Jane Holderness-Roddam & Tessa Clarke, Owner & Stud Manager, West Kington Stud


Five Star Development by NAF

I’m really proud of Five Star Fertility for Stallions, as it represents the true strengths of NAF, combining pure academic nutrition with traditional herbal complexes to get the best of both worlds. It has been a privilege to work with some real experts in their fields, and both the evidence and encouragement from the studs has been so positive. I really believe this product has an exciting future supporting world class breeding.’

Kate Hore. RNutr (Animal). R.Anim.Technol. Head Nutritionist at NAF.


Five Star Fertility for Stallions is an innovative evidence-based nutraceutical, combining current reproduction veterinary nutrition, with a novel phytochemical complex, allowing the stallion to be the best he can be.’

Dr Nick Larkins. BVSc, DSc, MRCVS : Veterinary Director at NAF


In conclusion, we recommend New Five Star Fertility for Stallions in all stallions, whether redressing issues in the sub-fertile horse, or supporting optimum semen qualities in fit, fertile stallions. We advise feeding daily from six weeks prior to covering, to allow for spermatogenesis, and then daily through the breeding season.

Feeding Instructions

Feed from six weeks prior to covering, to support spermatogenesis. Add to feed daily to support sperm production, semen parameters and breeding behaviour in working stallions.


Horses and Ponies                                          g per day                             scoops per day

Horses                                                                  64                                                           1

Ponies                                                                  32                                                           ½