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AI Equipment Sales

Stallion AI Services (SAIS) and Equine Reproduction Supplies (ERS) work closely together in a collaboration that brings together the UK’s largest provider of equine semen services with the UK’s leader and provider of Equine and Canine AI products and technologies for reproduction.

The partnership, driven by Tullis Matson ARAgS owner and MD of Stallion AI Services and Co-owner of ERS with Ellie Mitchell, combines field research with product testing and development for equine reproduction.  The two companies have a close working relationship which allows ERS to benefit from Stallion AI Services’ 30 years of industry experience.

Both SAIS and ERS are committed in their individual aims of improving equine assisted breeding techniques, and their collaboration in research and development will go a long way towards advancing that goal, as well as enabling ERS to provide customers with valuable product advice and support.

In 2011 ERS became the official UK distributor for Minitube products.  This exciting development has enabled them to offer their UK clients a full catalogue of elite breeding equipment.

Minitube is a pioneering reproductive technology company, which has transitioned from a provider of quality artificial insemination (AI) products to a worldwide market leader in assisted reproduction technologies ranging from AI to in vitro fertilisation.

Minitube offer a complete catalogue of AI and embryo-transfer (ET) products for horse breeders and veterinarians. From stallion to mare, Minitube can meet the equine breeding goals of any operation. Popular products include the Minitube Universal Insemination Pipettes, Uterine Culture Swab, Cytology Brush, and our exclusive line of semen extenders. All products are developed and tested to meet the specific requirements of the horse. Equine breeding facilities around the world put trust in Minitube’s equine products to ensure success now and in the future.

Buy your AI Equipment online now!

Visit www.equinereproductivesupplies.co.uk

Or call 08001412550 for equipment sales and advice