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Fresh/Chilled Semen Collection Services




Stallion AI Services takes the hassle out of the breeding season by collecting and distributing your stallion’s semen for you anywhere in the UK and Europe.

This service is designed for the stallion owner who wishes to ‘walk in’ or ‘stand’ their stallion at the centre for fresh and chilled semen collection and distribution.  This service is extremely popular with stallion owners as it offers a much broader opportunity for the distribution of semen across the UK and Europe.

Advantages of using the Centre

  • We provide a safe and controlled environment for semen collection with a team of highly trained staff
  • Assessment of your stallion’s semen quality in UK’s leading equine semen Laboratory ensures that only the highest quality semen is shipped out
  • We are a DEFRA approved quarantine centre and therefore are able to ship your stallion’s chilled semen throughout Europe
  • We specialise in sub-fertile stallions
  • The on-site freezing unit means that whilst your stallion is in residence you have the opportunity to freeze semen for both UK and Worldwide export
  • We continually push the scientific boundaries surrounding the chilling and freezing of equine semen and invest heavily in carrying out research to maintain our position as number one in our field
  • We share our site with one of the UKs largest equine AI and Embryo transfer centre’s with over 500 mares passing through each season


Caring for You and Your Stallion

From the moment your stallion arrives our experienced team will endeavour to ensure your stallions’ individual requirements are fully met.

To us, every visiting and resident horse is a VIP. Your stallion will receive outstanding care and treatment from our passionate and hard-working team. In our tailor-made facility we can offer a bespoke management that puts equine welfare at the very centre of what we do. Stallion AI Services is the UK’S leading equine semen collection centre and we pride ourselves on the first class facilities and care we can offer you and your stallion.

Our feeding regime is optimised according to the latest development in equine nutrition science. Our dedicated Spillers nutritionist makes frequent yard visits, and a fully functioning weigh bridge on site enable precise monitoring of each stallion’s optimum body weight and condition. Every stallion on centre receives daily NAF Five Star Fertility For Stallions feed supplement as part of the livery package to maximise their semen quality.

Our stables have been custom built with safety and equine well-being in mind, with large, bright and airy individual boxes that give each stallion his privacy, while offering outside views and plenty of opportunities for entertainment.

We are proud to be one of very few stallion centres that can offer not only personalised exercise options for your stallions, making use of our state-of-the art horse walker, round pen and arena, but we also have safe individual turnout paddocks to give our guests that all important chance to relax and simply be a horse, while keeping them safe at all times.

Above all, we know that every horse is different, and our team are always happy to discuss your individual requirements to develop a management routine that suits you and your stallion’s needs.

You as an owner are as important to us as your stallion and we like to maintain regular contact with you whilst your stallion is in residence.


We know how essential it is to market your stallion effectively and we offer an excellent promotion package free of charge for all stallions using our centre.  Your stallion will receive his own private web page on our website which is looked at by breeders worldwide.   Resident and ‘walk in’ stallions appear in our annual stallion directory which is sent out to over 700 mare owners each year, stallions shows, open days, vets and studs all over the country for maximum exposure.  Furthermore, we advertise regularly in major equine publications and attend the main stallion shows and events to help promote our stallions.


2021 Charges

The stallion owner is responsible for the livery fees only.

Stallion livery per day Month 3 and over £37.00 per day
Month 2 £40.50 per day
Month 1 £44.00 per day
24 hour CCTV FREE
Gold marketing package FREE


The mare owner is responsible for the cost of semen collection and carriage.

Collection fee for fresh semen £95.00 per collection
Collection fee for chilled/shipped semen £110.00 per collection
Postage and packaging £36.00


Same day delivery Service

Private door to door courier £1.40 per mile one way

All prices are subject to VAT


All stallions arriving at Stallion AI Services MUST complete our pre-entry health check (EVA, EIA, Strangles and CEM) and be fully vaccinated for Flu before arriving. This is essential to ensure that the semen is disease free for the protection of all horses visiting the unit.

We advise that mare owners make their own delivery arrangement or use the same day delivery service, when chilled semen is required on a Sunday, Monday and bank holidays.

All semen will be examined under a microscope for motility and density. It will only be dispatched if considered to be of good quality. However, no guarantee on the fertility of semen can be given since so many other factors are relevant to a mare becoming pregnant.