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Storage & Distribution – CRYOGENETICS

Cryogenetics Ltd is one of the largest DEFRA approved equine frozen semen storage and distribution centres in Europe based at and managed by Stallion AI Services.  We store frozen semen from over 800 world class stallions from across the globe, available for UK, European and Worldwide Markets.  Established since 2006, Cryogenetics offer an experienced, efficient and secure frozen semen storage service, so you can rest assured that your valuable semen is in safe hands!  We also offer a wide range of other services including; next day UK distribution, EU & Worldwide Import and Export services; UK & EU flask hire as well as online marketing services for semen owners.

Frozen Semen Storage

If frozen semen is to be as good when thawed as it was when frozen, it is vital to have quality storage and reliable backup for supplies of liquid nitrogen (LN2). For the latter we have a unique arrangement with CryoServe and Genus who have a bulk storage facility on site.  All frozen semen is stored in state of the art 600 & 1000 litre MVE & AIR LIQUIDE storage tanks which maintain the semen at a constant temperature of  -196°C . The tanks are inspected daily and topped up regularly  with LN2 to ensure there is no risk of the nitrogen levels dropping below the required level.  All our storage flasks are fitted with an intelligent alarm system which is linked in with the phone system to ensure that LN2 levels never fall below the required level.

The DEFRA approved storage facility is divided into two secure areas in order to comply with quarantine regulations, one for domestic semen (UK) and one for international semen eligible for European and Worldwide export. For frozen semen arriving at the centre from within the UK for future storage, stallions must have been tested prior to semen collections for Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA), Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) and Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM), laboratory certificates must be provided.  For semen arriving at the centre from Europe or any other Worldwide country an original, valid, signed and stamped official health certificate must accompany the semen at the time of arrival to the centre.

All semen that arrives at the centre for storage is carefully checked, unpacked and a full inventory is taken before being transferred to our permanent storage facility.  Our semen management system enables us to easily monitor your semen stock levels as well as keep accurate records of when, where and to who semen has been shipped, this makes commercial management of semen easy and hassle free.

Once semen has been transferred to our storage facility we must receive written permission (email) from the stallion/semen owner before its release to your clients is authorised, we do not accept verbal permission to release semen in any form.

Owners are billed annually for their frozen semen storage, by dose rather than by stallion. This means that if an owner has more than one stallion’s semen all the doses are counted together making it more cost effective for the owner.

2021  Storage Prices

1-5 equine insemination straws               £5.00 plus VAT per month

6-10 equine insemination straws            £7.50 plus VAT per month

0 – 20   equine insemination doses*       £16.00 plus VAT per month

21 – 50   equine insemination doses*     £21.50 plus VAT per month

51 – 150 equine insemination doses*     £27.00 plus VAT per month

151- 200 equine insemination doses*   £33.50 plus VAT per month

201- 300 equine insemination doses*   £38.00 plus VAT per month

301- 400 equine insemination doses*   £43.50 plus VAT per month

401- 500 equine insemination doses*   £49.00 plus VAT per month


* One equine insemination dose is the semen required to carry out one insemination.

Prices are for one owner but may be for more than one stallion

Your semen is not insured by us whilst in storage, if you require insurance cover for your semen this should be taken out separately.



Cryogenetics offers an efficient and hassle free shipping service, whether it be within the UK or to the other side of the world.  The storage and distribution centre operates from 7:00am – 5:00pm 7 days per week, however for the standard UK next day shipping service orders must be received between 7:00 am to 1:00pm Monday to Friday.  All frozen semen is shipped in top of the range MVE dry shippers which are contained and sealed within specially designed outer flasks to prevent them tipping over during shipping.  We have a fleet of over 70 of these dry shippers which when charged fully with liquid nitrogen have a holding time of up to 7-14 days, so you can rest assured that your semen is safe even if there is unforeseen delays with shipping. These containers can also be hired to clients to ship semen that is not held with us. We use an overnight delivery service so that the semen arrives the following day within the UK. Please contact us for delivery times and prices for international shipments.

You as an owner can rest assured that we will not release any of your frozen semen without your written confirmation. This can be sent to us by fax, email or post. Please download or print the ‘Semen Distribution Request Form’ which can be found in the left hand margin of this page.

It is essential that we receive written authorisation from you to avoid confusion between our records and your own. It also prevents mix-ups in shipping addresses.

Please allow us as much notice as possible for shipping instructions. One advantage of using frozen semen is that it can be stored at the stud or veterinary practice where the mare is going to be inseminated in advance of the mare needing it, provided they have the facilities to keep frozen semen. If the semen is to be exported we will need a minimum of two weeks to arrange the export health papers.