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Collection Courses

One day training course for the collection and assessment of equine semen


Stallion AI Services has been practising AI for over 17 years. In that time we have collected from over 500 stallions and carried out approximately 10 000 collections. We are actively involved with AI equipment through Equine Reproduction Supplies.


  • Setting up a collection unit
  • Stallion handling
  • Stallion training onto a dummy mare
  • Semen collection
  • Semen handling, fresh, chilled & frozen
  • Semen assessment
  • Semen dilution
  • Semen packaging
  • Record keeping

This is a one-day course starting at 10am and finishing approximately 4pm.
There will be an opportunity to collect from 3-4 different stallions. You will be able to fill an AV, collect, assess and package semen by the end of the day. This is a one to one course, however you may bring up to 3 other people.


The day’s course is angled at all levels of experience from students to vets. This training is ideal for anyone who wants to gain experience equine semen collection and assessment.