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Stallion Marketing

Do you need help advertising your stallions? Want to know what to put in your stud terms? Or want to put your stallion on to our website which reaches over 4000 people a day.

Web Packages

The Gold package includes 6 pictures, the stallion details, the owner or stud details, 1000 words, the stallion pedigree and 3 videos. This package costs £80.00+VAT per year and includes 1 free annual update.

The Silver package includes 3 pictures, the stallion details, the owner, or stud details, up to 300 words and the stallion’s pedigree. This package costs £60.00+VAT per year and includes 1 free annual update.

The Bronze package offers the stallion owner a FREE basic marketing service for their stallion and includes 1 picture, the stallion details, the owner, or stud details and up to 150 words. Each update for this package will be charged at £15.00 +VAT. 

Billing for website packages and updates will be automatically added to the frozen semen storage invoice in December each year

The Directory

The 2021 Stallion, Vet & Stud Directory is the comprehensive annual breeder’s guide produced by Stallion AI Services, one of Europe’s leading stallion centres and an industry pioneer in the use of ground-breaking breeding technologies.

The 356-page publication features a 50-page breeding guide, a 30-page Vet and Stud guide listing vet practices and studs throughout the UK, and over 150 stallion listings from Rare Breeds to Olympic champions.

The 2021 publication is our 11th edition. Each year the directory grows in size and importance as more stallion owners advertise their stallions in this highly regarded publication knowing that mare owners refer to this vital resource when preparing for their 2022 foal.

The Directory is a perfect-bound, gloss finished, high-quality publication that will connect you with your targeted audience. With the number of advertisers growing each year, there is huge potential to position your stallion, vet practice or equestrian brand directly in the hands of your ideal audience.

The Directory is the essential handbook for breeders, the go-to resource to learn more about important breeding topics and to browse through a wide selection of top-class stallions.

5,000 printed copies have been distributed throughout the U.K. to mare owners, vets, and studs. An electronic version will be accessible through our website for unlimited viewing to all webpage visitors.

The 2021 edition is OUT NOW, so call the office on 01948 666295 to order your copy.

Featured Stallion

Prime position on the HOME page of the Stallion AI Services Webpage.  Be one of 4 ‘Featured Stallions’ for 30 days, your stallions’ profile will be displayed on the HOME page of the Stallion AI Services website. With 3,500 visitors per week from countries all over the world this is an ideal tool for marketing your stallion. 30 days at £150 + VAT

Facebook Posts – Stallion of the Day

Promote your stallion on our Facebook page (with just over 16,500 LIKES) as ‘Stallion of the Day’. Email us a short description or preferred introduction line with a picture of your stallion and the date you would like your advert to appear on.  The price for this advertising feature is £50 +VAT.

Professional Photography Package

Are you missing a vital element of your marketing kit – professional, high resolution images that do your stallion justice? Don’t worry, whilst your stallion is on centre with us, we can take care of this for you from making the booking with the photographer of your choice to getting him prepared and ready for the catwalk. Our expert staff will be on hand to stand him up correctly and make sure the shoot goes to plan. After the shoot, you will receive 30 professional photographs for you to use across all your marketing material.

Price – £400 + VAT for everything from preparation of your stallion to receiving the images.

Stud Card Design

Stallion AI Services can help design relevant, eye catching stud cards to promote your stallion. We can help you make your stallion’s stud card stand out from the rest, encouraging mare owners to pick you stud card up first. Make sure you have both style and substance with both quality images and important performance and breeding information relating to your stallion.

Show Packages

Many mare owners make their decision when meeting your stallion up close in his stable at a show so it’s important to make the most of this opportunity. We have packages available for any budget. We can help you make his stable as inviting as possible with our Show Package, which can includes:

  • Stud card design
  • Roller banners
  • Stable drapes
  • Stable guards

Agenting Stallions

Do you need help taking care of your stallion’s semen sales and marketing? We currently act as an agent for a limited number of stallions and can take care of everything surrounding his stud duties from handling initial enquiries and putting together his marketing kit to handling semen sales and issuing covering certificates at the end of the season. We can promote your stallion to the relevant audience to drive sales and interest.

Breeding Contracts

Are stud terms tying you in knots? We can give you help putting together your breeding contract and nomination forms, outlining your terms, conditions, and fees.

If you are interested in any of the above advertising opportunities, please email sales@stallionai.com for more information.