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Stallion Livery

At Stallion AI Services, our 5* full livery service includes everything from feed and bedding to full access to our elite services. With stallion health and welfare our top priority, owners can rest assured their horse will receive the very highest standard of care and husbandry during their time with us.










Key Features

Full 5* Livery

Care and Management by Our Award Winning Yard Team

Spacious Stables with Private CCTV

Half Acre Stallion Fenced Paddocks

Premium Nutrition via Spillers Feeds

Daily NAF Five Star Fertility For Stallions Supplementation

Nutritionally Analysed and Premium Quality Forage

Luxury Bedding

Premium Grooming & Turnout Equipment via Supreme Products

54ft Diameter Horse Walker

30 metres x 60 metres Outdoor Arena

14 Bulb Solarium

Wash Boxes

Our 5* livery applies to every stallion resident with us. We also offer a range of optional extra services including riding, hacking and lunging, early basic in-hand training and externally sourced services including physiotherapy and chiropody.


£37.00 per day for 3 months and over

£40.50 per day for 1 – 2 months

£44.00 per day for up to 30 days

Non Breeding Stallions, Young Stallions, Retirement and Holiday Livery

We also cater for non breeding stallions and those looking for permanent or temporary residence. Young stallion looking for somewhere to start his early training and introduction to the breeding world? Older stallion looking for retirement livery? Or temporary livery whilst owner relocates or enjoys a well deserved vacation? Our team of qualified and highly experienced grooms cater for all stallion needs with facilities suited across all age ranges and fitness levels to ensure your stallion receives 5* care and an elite service whilst with us

Colt Livery

We know that keeping colts at home can be difficult and their careful management in the early years, makes it much more likely that they can remain entire, whilst being manageable and meeting their true potential as a sports horse and breeding stallion.

Stallion AI Services are the UK’s leading stallion facility, offering a 5* livery service for some of the best stallions in Europe and in 2020 we are excited to roll out this service for a limited number of colts.

The 5* Colt Livery service includes the following:

  • Stabled Full Livery- Colts will be individually stabled on good quality straw bedding (receiving a full daily muck out), in our large, light and airy American style colt barn, which also benefits from good ventilation as well as both internal and external windows.
  • Daily Turn Out – Daily turn out in our well maintained grass paddocks, where depending on age and temperament, they will receive either an individual paddock, be turned out with one other colt companion or be turned out with a matriarch mare or gelding companion.  There suitability for turnout with a companion will be continually monitored and adjusted accordingly.
  • Good quality Hay/Haylage and hard feed – We will be working with our dedicated Spillers nutritionist to ensure the specific nutritional requirements of your growing colt are met.  Your colts diet and ration will be closely monitored to ensure steady growth is maintained, colts will be regularly weighed using our electronic weigh bridge.
  • Daily handling – Colts will be handling on a daily basis by our award winning and experienced team to establish basic ground work as well as all required routine tasks, including clipping and loading.  Colts will receive standard handling on daily basis and will follow a schedule of training throughout their stay to ensure all areas are covered.
  • Developmental Monitoring – Your colt’s development will be monitored closely to give them the best possible start in life.  We will regularly assess your colts physical development and if required, we will work with our team of farriers and vets if remedial or corrective procedures are deemed necessary.
  • Regular Updates – You will receive regular updates and photos from our yard team, giving you complete peace of mind that your colt is in the best possible hands.
  • Stallion Training – From 2 years onwards, colts will be given the opportunity to establish basic dummy training and semen evaluation to assess their suitability as a future breeding stallion.  If requested and the semen meets the correct requirements, semen freezing is also available in our industry leading laboratory.  These services are not included in the daily livery fee and will be charged separately.
  • Backing/Starting with Ashdale Sport Horses – Colts will be assessed frequently and when deemed ready (approx. 3 years) will make the short journey to Ashdale Sport Horses where, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, they will ensure that your colt’s first experience under saddle gets them off to a flying start.  Following a 5-6 week programme with Ashdale Sport Horses, your colt will be backed and ready to leave to start their future training programme.  Please note, whilst at Ashdale Sport Horses your colt is transferred to their care and the daily livery rate wil be charged directly by them.


Once your colt finishes the colt programme with us, if preferred it is possible to continue their livery with us, however he will then be classed as a stallion and will move up to our stallion facility where a different daily rate is applicable.

Health Testing Requirements

Before arrival to the centre your colt must have the centres standard Pre – Entry Health tests carried out.  These tests are carried out by your own vet before the colts arrival to the centre, the testing includes a blood sample taken and tested for EVA, EIA and Strangles and one set of 3 site swabs tested for CEM/ Klebsiella & Pseudomonas.  These tests need to be done within 20 days prior to the colts arrival to the centre.  Once on centre your colt will require one annual health check, carried out each January for EVA,EIA & CEM only, the cost of these will be added to your monthly invoiceColts must also be fully vaccinated against equine influenza and have received a booster vaccination within the last 6 months prior to entry.

What’s not included:

  • Both routine and emergency veterinary fees.
  • Insurance – please note your colt is not insured by Stallion AI Services whilst on centre, whilst off centre under our care or whilst in training with Ashdale Sport Horses.  If insurance cover is required this should be arranged separately.
  • Farriery fees.
  • Dentistry fees.
  • Supplementary treatments from any outside specialists such as equine massage, physio, chiropractor etc.
  • Feed Supplements.
  • Shavings – shavings can be provided as an alternative to straw for an additional fee.
  • Rugs/Boots/Tack – If any equipment is required this will be requested by the yard manager and must be supplied by the owner.  All equipment provided is documented on arrival and throughout and will be sent back with your colt when he returns home.  If you request Stallion AI Services to purchase equipment from our suppliers on your behalf this will added to your monthly invoice.
  • Backing/Ridden Work – This is provided by Ashdale Sport Horses once your colt is deemed ready and will take place at their facility.
  • Semen Collection Training/Semen Assessment/Freezing – These services are not included in the standard livery fee.  If these services are required, the colt will be assessed for his suitability and these fees will be charged in addition to livery.

Please note spaces are limited for 2020/21 and will be allocated based on suitability for the service.

The cost of the 5* Full Colt Livery Service £33 per day.  Livery will be charged in arrears at the end of each month and must be paid within 30 days or before the stallion is removed from the centre.